Is run like a not for profit with no revenue generating activites. We are focused on improving and growing Canada’s Economy by increasing the sales of Canadian Made products in Canada and abroad. Our mission is to create more and better jobs in Canada. will aggressively educate all Canadians on the value of supporting companies that sell Canadian-made products. Our focus is “Build, Buy and Sell Canadian”.

Why We Do It?

Successful economic countries have a long history of supporting domestic products. Many countries like the Germany & Japan recognize the positive effects to the Domestic Standard of Living by  Current Account and International Trade surpluses. Canada needs to follow the practices of the worlds most successful countries to emulate their Economic strength.

Rebuild Canada

"We request the Canadian Federal Government create a Database website for Canadian made products. The Federal Government must require all Canadian businesses to register their Canadian Made Products on this database website to make the information reliable and easily accessible for Canadians to quickly identify and purchase Canadian made products."

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Our goal is to duplicate Canada’s past proven economic successes combined with the economic behaviors of the worlds best economies to rebuild Canada’s weak economy.
Producing and purchasing Canadian-made products will create jobs, grow businesses and increase tax revenue to improve Canadian healthcare, education, infrastructure and much more.

In short, all Canadians will benefit!